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Websites are very popular because they permit companies and individuals to reach out to more people. Also, it can be related to Bio Link websites. But, it's also the case that it's expensive to run your own site, which is why entrepreneurs, social media stars, and many others prefer linking to bio pages. These websites have the best benefit since it lets individuals to display their services as well as other information without spending a lot of cash. A Bio Link site is actually a really practical instrument. You can create a website that includes links in your bio making use of bio link generator tools. We will be sharing the best 2022 links on bio tools sorted by popularity in this extensive guide. Wish to know more about Link in Profile sites? Let's get started.

Linkinbio: Linktree


Bio URL: linktr.ee/yourname

Active Users: 2.5m

Monthly visits: 130m

Let's begin with Linktree. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular links in the Bio creation software of 2022. What specifically do we need to examine about linktree alternative vs other related sites? In comparison to Linktree alternatives, this one is designed specifically for the social media world's top celebrities, entrepreneurs and others.

You can utilize Linktree to link all of your social media accounts to track how your followers interact with them. As example, it will be fully appropriate to use linktree for tiktok, likewise for some other resources. The basic features of Linktree are available with the free version. If you upgrade to the premium version the premium themes will be offered and advanced tracking tools will be made available. This will enable you to see how your followers engage on social media. Linktree is the ideal option for entrepreneurs as well as social media stars. Now, let us observe some linktree alternatives.

8bio Link in Bio Instagram

Link in Bio

Bio URL: yourname.8b.io

This is a new product on the bio-link market. It offers a wide array of options for creating and customizing your personal website for your profile that allows you to create buttons using links, design them however you'd like as well as set your profile image with a bio, alter backgrounds, reorder and style any element just like that. It is one of the most user-friendly tools, and we anticipate it to be one of the top link-in bio generators this year.

Link in Profile: Taplink


Bio URL: taplink.cc/yourname

Active Users: 276k

Monthly visits: 6m

Taplink is one of the most popular and advanced tools to create hyperlinks in your bio is expected to be available by 2022. This platform was developed for small businesses and social media influencers so they can showcase their services and products.

You can personalize over 300 pre-made templates. Taplink's free version has limited options. Premium accounts cost $2 per month for greater features.

Link in Bio Instagram: Carrd.co

Link in Profile

Bio URL: yourname.carrd.co

Active Users: 334k

Monthly visits: 19.02m

Carrd.co is the 2022's most advanced biolink maker. Carrd.co's greatest characteristic is its broad range of features. You can select among a number of templates to make your profile. You can also add different functions to your profile page with Widgets and Embeds. Additionally, it allows you to track user interactions through Google Analytics. Carrd.co offers a seven-day trial for free trial and premium plans that start at $9 per annum.

LinkinBio by Later

Instagram Link in Bio

Bio URL: linkin.bio/yourname

Active Users: 162k

Monthly visits: 4.49m

"Later" is a promising linkinbio. App for creating links in your bios that let you convert your followers into buyers. This platform has a selection of tools to help you display your favorite products and increase sales.

You can also connect it with Shopify to keep track of all sales. To make your linkinbio page more useful, you'll also receive the various accessories. You'll have to pay $15 per month for an account with a premium plan if you would like to have access to more advanced features like Add-ons.

Link in Bio Instagram: InstaBio

Link in Profile

Bio URL: instabio.cc/yourname

Active Users: 245k

Monthly visits: 4.69m

InstaBio is an excellent Link in Bio for celebrities and social media influencers. This simple tool allows you to connect all your social media accounts on one platform. You can alter the site's color with the free version, but it doesn't offer much else. But, you can access themes that are professional with the premium plan which costs $4.99 per month.

Link in Bio Instagram: Beacons

Link in Bio Instagram

Bio URL: beacons.ai/yourname

Active Users: 34k

Monthly visits: 2.09m

Beacons is a well-known tool to build links. You can utilize it to quickly create your website by adding links. One of the advantages of beacons is that they use Artificial Intelligence which makes the whole process very smooth. After answering a few questions the AI will then generate an email in your bio which can be customized.

Beacons allow you to link to all your social media accounts, as well as the products or services you want to promote to your fans. Beacons is free, however there are some limitations. You can also access advanced features by signing up for premium plans at 10 dollars per month.

Linkinbio: Milkshake

Bio Link

Bio URL: msha.ke/yourname

Active Users: 448k

Monthly visits: 2.14m

Milkshake is a well-known link-in-profile generator that you could use to make your own hyperlink in your bio. It is a user-friendly Interface which allows you to create your website in just minutes.

The platform utilizes the Card-based system. Once you have completed your personal details and submitted them to the platform, it will display the completed cards on your website. Milkshake lets you track the actions of visitors to your page. Overall, if you're looking for a basic link in bio-builder, Milkshake is a great alternative.

Link in Bio: About.me

Tiktok Link in Bio

Bio URL: about.me/yourname

Active Users: 1.7m

Monthly visits: 1.51m

About.me, another popular bio-linking application, lets you share the links on social media and other information with your friends. It comes with a simple user interface that allows you to interact with others and create link sites.

It lets you include testimonials, portfolios and other components to the link in bio pages, but these elements of design are only available to pro users. The pro version of About.me is accessible for $6.58 per month.

Bio Link: Campsite

Tiktok Link in Bio

Bio URL: campsite.bio/yourname

Active Users: 31k

Monthly visits: 1.53m

Campsite is one of the most effective link-building programs for influencers on social media in 2022. This link builder comes with unlimited hyperlinks. You can link all your social media accounts to your website.

The platform allows users to track interactions between your followers and your website. Campsite is free and offers basic features. However, premium plans cost $7 per month to access more advanced capabilities and integrations.

Link in Bio: Solo.to

Tiktok Link in Bio

Bio URL: solo.to/yourname

Active Users: 77k

Monthly visits: 1.34m

Solo.to is a simple linkinbio page generator, intended for artists, creators streamers, and many others. The platform comes with very basic features, and is designed to permit small and large companies to connect all their social media handles on a single platform.

Solo.to lets you connect all your social media accounts to make it simpler for your friends and followers to communicate with you. The trial version of Solo.to is limited in some ways while the Premium plan lets you unlock some advanced features such as an Dark mode theme, basic analytics and much more, starting at $1 per month.

Linkinbio: Lnk.Bio

Link in Bio

Bio URL: lnk.bio/yourname

Active Users: 334k

Monthly visits: 1.44m

Lnk.Bio, a popular linkinbio platform you can use to create your social media handles as well as products. It features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to easily create your own linkinbio site.

There are a variety of customization options available that can be used to create a unique look for your site. The free version of Lnk.Bio isn't without some limitations, however it is possible to gain access to a wide range of advanced features with a single payment of $24.99.

Link in Bio: Tap.bio

Link in Profile

Bio URL: tap.bio/@yourname

Active Users: 7k

Monthly visits: 681K

Tap.bio is among the most popular link bio generators in 2022. Tap.bio like the other tools is very easy to use.

You will only need to register and give details regarding your social accounts. After you've added your cards, you are able to share your page with all of your followers. It also permits you to track users' interactions which is another plus. It is free to use, but you'll require a premium subscription to access more advanced features such as keeping track of statistics. Premium version costs $5 per month.

Tiktok Link in Bio: Luma

Link in Bio

Bio URL: lu.ma/yourname

Active Users: 16k

Monthly visits: 953k

Luma is a fantastic link-in profile application for Influencers as well as Social Media Stars. Luma allows you to create profile pages that you can use to sell products and interact with your followers.

Luma offers two distinct features. It allows you to sell your services , and also allows users to pay directly with their credit card. Additionally you are able to track the way your followers interact with your site and this is a further benefit. Luma's free version comes with limitations as well as a 5% monthly fee. But you can purchase an upgraded version at $39 per month.

Bio Link: Willow

Bio Link

Bio URL: wlo.link/@yourname

Active Users: 5k

Monthly visits: 497k

Willow is undoubtedly one of the most effective profile-linking tools available for Influencers and Social Media Stars. There are over 20 themes on the platform which you can modify to suit your personal preferences.

Willow allows you to monitor the interactions of your followers on your profile page, and gives you detailed information about your followers' interactions. It is possible to upgrade to Willow Premium for just $50 per year.

Tiktok Link in Bio: Biolinky.co

Link in Profile

Bio URL: biolinky.co/yourname

Active Users: 22k

Monthly visits: 558k

Biolinky.co is the leading connection in bio-generation apps to 2022. It has a user interface that is very well designed and makes it easier to use.

Biolinky.co can be used to link all of your social media accounts to one platform. It has a few basic options for customizations that you can make to change the background of your Biolinky website. Also, the platform does allow you to incorporate your own branding, including colours and logos to be used on the site. The free version of Biolinky comes with basic features. If you're looking for more features, you can upgrade to the premium plan starting at $4.99 per month.

Link in Bio Instagram: Shorby

Link in Bio Instagram

Bio URL: shor.by/yourname

Active Users: 68k

Monthly visits: 130K

This will amaze you by its ease of use, user-friendliness, and usability. Once you visit the page of this link within the bio tool, you'll be redirected to the editor. You can edit and customize your profile by including social links and URL buttons, changing the background and profile picture and setting the design.

Link in Profile: Bio.fm

Link in Bio Instagram

Bio URL: bio.fm/yourname

Active Users: 6k

Monthly visits: 240k

Bio.fm is another popular link in bio tool which you can use to post your social media handles and posts to your fans. You can include a range of blocks to your link on your profile's website and make it more interactive.

Bio.fm also works with many popular social media platforms. Bio.fm is a great way to display your content and also link to social media.

Link in Bio Instagram: Url.bio

Bio Link

Bio URL: url.bio/yourname

Active Users: 1.5k

Monthly visits: 44K

Url.bio is another well-known linkinbio tool that you can use to connect your social media accounts with your followers. Url.bio is a user-friendly interface, making it simple to use.

There are themes that have been designed and pre-installed that you can choose from, that you can later customize to suit your tastes. Url.bio is totally free to use.

Link in Profile: ContactinBio

Link in Bio

Bio URL: yourname.contactin.bio

Active Users: 8k

Monthly visits: 115k

ContactinBio is yet another excellent Instagram bio link tool. It lets you display your business's products or links to all of your social accounts using this tool. You can choose from over 60 themes and design elements to create a unique profile page.

On top of that it also permits you to link your social media accounts and sell your products directly on the website. If you're looking for an online platform to display and sell your products or services, ContactinBio is a great alternative.

Tiktok Link in Bio: Biolincs.me

Instagram Link in Bio

Bio URL: biolincs.me/yourname

Active Users: 100

Monthly visits: 10K

Biolincs.me will also assist you to make a webpage that has hyperlinks for your business. It provides a variety of customizable options as well as tracking options to aid you in tracking your hyperlinks.

In addition there are various Biolincs Blocks, which you can incorporate into your Instagram link in bio. Biolincs' free version has limited options. It is recommended to purchase the premium version if your goal is to incorporate branding into your bio page link. Biolincs' premium version Biolincs begins at $5.99 monthly.


This is it, people. These are the 20 Best link in bio tools that can be used to create your own webpage with links in your bio in 2022. Most of them are free to use, but you can go for the premium versions if you want more advanced themes and additional features.